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Victory Liberty Loan (1919)

  • $20000 USD

Folded US Poster, in four separate sections: Two top sections, each approx. 15" x 15 1/2"; two bottom sections, each approx. 10 1/2" x 34"

This poster, consisting of several die-cut sections and printed by Ed. Usoskin Inc. Lithographers of New York City, was apparently intended to be displayed in windows.

The Victory Liberty Loan campaign was the fifth and last of the war bonds campaigns launched to finance the US war effort during World War I.

This campaign was launched in April 1919, after the war had ended and emphasized a more positive message of post-war production and prosperity.

This poster is incomplete, missing a top horizontal section that read: "For a peace of prosperity and plenty. The Victory Liberty Loan."

Even incomplete, this is a rare poster, likely because it was produced in smaller numbers than the previous wartime bond drive posters.

Condition: Very Fine (a few small tears and minor creases, otherwise completely unused)

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