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Tomb of Torture, Cave of the Living Dead one sheet 1966 horror

Tomb of Torture / Cave of the LIving Dead (1966)

  • $2000 USD

Folded US 1-Sheet: 27"x41" (69cm x 104cm)

Directors: Antonio Boccaci / Akos Rathonyi

Cast: Annie Albert, Thony Maky, Mark Marian / Adrian Hoven, Erika Remberg, John Kitzmiller

Studio: Released by Trans-Lux

A 1963 and 1964 Italian and German horror movie, respectively, released in the US as a double feature in 1966.

Condition: Very Good to Fine (missing the tip of the top left corner; wrinkles and small tears in the borders; V-shaped creases at the ends of the top and bottom horizontal folds; a 1-inch split at the bottom crossfold)

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