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Night of the Bloody Apes one sheet horror

Night of the Bloody Apes, The / Feast of Flesh (R1972)

  • $4000 USD

Folded US 1-Sheet: 27"x41" (69cm x 104cm)

Director: Rene Cardona

Cast: Armand Silva, Norma Lazar

Studio: Unistar

Re-release of a 1960's Mexican horror movie with an Argentinean one on the lower half of the double bill.

Note that this poster has been printed with Day-Glo orange inks in the artwork and some of the text.

Condition: Very Good to Fine (a 2-inch tear in the top border; a few other smaller border tears; wear and minor wrinkling along the bottom border; small separations at the crossfolds; a few small stains in the borders)

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