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May Day Propaganda Poster (1942)

  • $6000 USD

Folded French Poster: 23 1/2" x 31 1/2" (60 x 80 cm)

Poster celebrating May Day, 1942.

This poster was issued during World War II by the collaborationist Vichy Government two years after France fell to Germany.

Though usually thought of as a leftist holiday, May Day was also marked by the Nazis as "National Workers Day" and thus remained an official holiday in Vichy France as well, shorn of its normal political content.

Art by Roland Hugon.

This image has been trimmed out of a larger poster that originally included a second image and a wide blue border. It was also released as a separate poster on its own but in a much smaller format.

This poster could be displayed as-is but would certainly benefit from linenbacking.

Condition: Good (trimmed slightly unevenly along the borders; a 6-inch tear in the M in MAI has been repaired on the back with "invisible" style tape; there is also a quarter-inch of missing paper in the M; small holes in the left border and top left corner; a small stain in the right border; wrinkling)

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