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Let's Make It Legal one sheet 1951 Marilyn Monroe

Let's Make It Legal (1951)

  • $10000 USD

Folded US 1-Sheet: 27"x41" (69cm x 104cm)

Director: Richard Sale

Cast: Claudette Colbert, MacDonald Carey, Zachary Scott, Babara Bates, Marilyn Monroe

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Colbert is in the middle of a divorce when her old flame shows up.

Marilyn, still in her starlet phase, has a small role as a bathing beauty and is fifth-billed but is shown on the poster (next to the "WOW!").

Condition: Very Good (pinholes and small tears in the corners and borders, some repaired on the back with short strips of white tape; a 2-inch split at the top crossfold; short splits at the ends of some of the other folds)

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