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Ladies of the Chorus (1948)

  • $25000 USD

Folded US 1-Sheet: 27"x41" (69cm x 104cm)

Director: Phil Karlson

Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Adele Jergens, Rand Brooks, Nana Bryant, Eddie Garr

Studio: Columbia

Adele Jergens and Marilyn Monroe are mother-and-daughter burlesque dancers working at the same club who start to have differences when Marilyn looks to make the same mistakes in love that her mom did.

An early role for Marilyn, an unknown starlet at the time, released two years before her big break in The Asphalt Jungle.

The poster shows two images of Marilyn, at the top and bottom.

Note that this first release one-sheet is much scarcer than the later re-release on which Marilyn was given top billing after she became a star.

This poster is fragile, well-worn and would benefit from linenbacking.

Condition: Good (three small burn holes in Jergen's red dress repaired on the back with paper and tape; small white paint stains on Jergen's eye and cheek; multiple pinholes and pin tears in the corners; several small tears; splits along some fold lines repaired on the back with tape)

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