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Journey To The Seventh Planet three sheet AIP sci fi 1961

Journey To The Seventh Planet (1961)

  • $15000 USD

Folded US Three-Sheet: approx. 41"x81" (104cm x 206cm)

Director: Sidney Pink

Cast: John Agar, Greta Thyssen, Ann Smyrner, Mimi Heinrich

Studio: American International Pictures (AIP)

Expedition to Uranus (really) discovers an alien intelligence capable of using their own thoughts and memories against them.

Note: This poster was originally issued in two separate, overlapping sections. The two sections have been joined together and the poster has been kraftbacked, meaning it has been affixed to a thick white paper backing, which has also been folded over along the borders and covers part of the credits at the bottom.

Condition: Very Good (kraftbacked (see above); a large Dutch censor stamp and a Dutch title snipe in the top right; a few pinholes; some wrinkling)

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