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Crack-Up Australian long daybill 1936 Peter Lorre

Crack-Up (1936)

  • $25000 USD

Australian Long Daybill: 15"x40" (38 x 102cm)

Director: Malcolm St. Clair

Cast: Peter Lorre, Brian Donlevy, Helen Wood, Ralph Morgan, Thomas Beck

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Spy Lorre tries to get test pilot Donlevy to give him the plans for an experimental plane.

This poster is rare and has never been folded.

Condition: Very Good (most of the wear is in the bottom right corner: faint staining, wrinkles, tears and a half-inch hole; three tiny holes in the left border next to Lorre's face; smudges near the bottom, including on Donlevy's face; several minor creases and wrinkles)

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