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Condition Grading

Grading and Condition

The prices of the posters on this website have been determined by several factors: condition, rarity, design and desirability of the title or the star. Of these factors, the most important by far is condition. Grading is admittedly a subjective exercise. Our tendency is to be conservative in our grading. Thus what we may grade as Very Good may be similar to what a less demanding seller may grade as Fine or Very Fine. We understand the importance of condition to collectors.

With few exceptions, the posters offered for sale on this website are used items, having been displayed in movie theaters or other venues as originally intended. Thus almost all of them have some condition issues, though in most cases these are very minor and generally do not take away from the poster's appearance overall.

Specific Grades:

Near Mint: The highest grade. The poster appears unused, with only the slightest signs of wear.

Fine: Light use with no serious issues. A small number of pinholes and small tears is permitted.

Very Good: Average used condition. The poster may have multiple pinholes, separation at crossfolds and issues in the borders like small stains, smudges and tears.

Good: Heavily used. The poster will have obvious wear that begins to detract from its appearance: large tears, holes, moisture rippling, etc. This grade is acceptable for rare pieces or for filler pieces for one's collection until a better example can be found.

Fair: Extensive damage that may require restoration: pieces missing, staining, etc.

Please note that some items may fall between the above grading points, thus some might be graded, for example, Good to Very Good, Fine to Very Fine, Very Fine to Near Mint, etc.

Every poster listed on this site is graded according to these criteria, with any condition flaws noted in the description of each poster. This is in order to aid you to make an informed decision on whether to purchase an item. If you should have any questions about the condition of a specific piece, please feel free to get in touch with us.