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Collecting's Guardian Angels

Posted by Dave Rosen on

Mention Ed and Susan Poole to most of those who deal in movie memorabilia and you'll hear nothing but praise for two individuals who have done more than anyone else to uncover the sometimes convoluted history of Hollywood movie-making.

The New Orleans couple, who run the indispensable online resource, Learn About Movie Posters, have just been featured in a blog post by famed movie reviewer Leonard Maltin.

Maltin recounts some of this own experiences as a long-time collector (he started at 12) and how the Poole's research has been an invaluable aid to identifying many pieces, particularly studio stills.

Not satisfied with the great strides they have already made in the field by publishing books on many facets of what they call "film accessories," which is anything that has to do with the promotion of movies (posters, pressbooks, stills, etc), the Pooles are working on a multi-volume index of movie poster artists, with the first book due later this year.

This is well-deserved recognition for two of movie poster collecting's unsung heroes.

Ed and Susan Poole

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